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Import and Foreign Vehicles Services

Fuzion Autoworks is a full-service auto repair and preventative maintenance facility specializing in import and foreign vehicle repairs. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to service and repair the most challenging import and foreign vehicles.

Using the latest technology to assess the situation and offer you alternatives, we guarantee all of our work and know you will be happy with the outcome.

We perform scheduled services for import and foreign vehicles, and provide complete repair services including tires, alignments, brakes, front ends, rear ends, transmissions, diagnostic services, engine diagnostics and repairs, electronics service and repair. We have factory level diagnostic equipment and trained technicians.


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"The road will never be the same"

Acura is known for producing reliable, economical automobiles. At Fuzion Autoworks we keep your Acura running safely and efficiently with regular service, repair, and maintenance. Our mechanics have experience working on Acuras and use current technology and equipment to help you with all of your Acura's service and repair needs.


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"Audi is Truth in Engineering"

Audi's provide high performance, state-of-the-art technology, luxury, and comfort. Here at Fuzion Autoworks we love Audis as much as you do, and our experienced Audi technicians know these vehicles inside and out. No automotive repair is too big or too small. You can be sure your vehicle will be repaired right the first time.


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"BMW is the ultimate driving machine"

In order to maintain your machine, we will treat your BMW like the luxury car it is. Our BMW specialists take pride in their work and are committed to providing the personal care and maintenance a BMW needs to perform at optimal levels. Fuzion Autoworks has the knowledge and quality service your BMW requires!


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"Driven By Passion"

Fiats are small cars that live big. Fuzion Autoworks makes it a priority to keep your Fiat running safely and efficiently with regular service, repair, and maintenance. Our highly trained mechanics will help you with all of your Fiat's service and repair needs. Our ASE Certified technicians are "driven by passion" and no automotive repair is too big or too small.


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"Inspired Performance"

Infiniti is known for producing performance luxury vehicles. All of the makes and models are built for comfort and drivability. Fuzion Autoworks's expert technicians are well equipped to be able to service your Infiniti and treat it with the care that it deserves. Bring your Infiniti in today to improve its performance on the road.


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"Don't dream it. Drive it."

Jaguars were designed for performance, and Fuzion Autoworks has certified Jaguar specialists who know how to keep your Jaguar running at maximum levels. We keep your Jaguar running safely and efficiently with regular service, repair, and maintenance. Come to the shop you can count on to make sure you can continue to "Unleash your Jaguar."

Land Rover

Land Rover Logo | Fuzion Autoworks

"Above and Beyond"

Land Rover was designed to be strong and durable. The Land Rover brand has lived up to its name over the years and has emerged as one of the best four-wheel drive vehicles. Fuzion Autoworks has years of experience working on four-wheel drive and off-road vehicles. We understand what your Land Rover needs to perform at it's optimal level on and off-road.


Lexus Logo | Fuzion Autoworks

"Pursuit of Perfection"

The Lexus automobile is a machine that is well known for its performance and class. If you own a Lexus you understand that you are part of a unique family of luxurious vehicles. The service professionals at Fuzion Autoworks will work hard to make sure that your vehicle is taken care of with excellent customer service.


Mercedes-Benz Logo | Fuzion Autoworks

"Engineered To Move The Human Spirit"

Here At Fuzion Autoworks, we understand that your Mercedes-Benz is the ultimate luxury vehicle and we have the best Mercedes-Benz technicians. Stop taking chances with the luxury vehicle you have worked so hard to get. Our Mercedes-Benz know-how will keep you driving in the maximum lap of luxury.


Mini Logo | Fuzion Autoworks

"Its a mini adventure"

Mini's vehicles are produced to be fuel efficient and fun to drive. The Mini automobiles are small, have a better than average mpg and can now hold up to 5 passengers in the vehicle. Fuzion Autoworks knows that Mini's should be treated special because they are unique and have their own personality. Our expert mechanics have the tools needed to service and repair your Mini.


Porsche Logo | Fuzion Autoworks

"There is no substitute"

The owner of a Porsche knows that they are part of a special group. A Porsche is a sports car that is built for everyday driving activities. When you get behind the wheel you just can't help but feel that you are about to win a race. Fuzion Autoworks has a pit crew that is well equipped to maintain the high performance for your vehicle.


Saab Logo | Fuzion Autoworks

"Welcome to the state of independence."

Saab vehicles have a legacy of being high quality, innovative, and uniquely designed driving machines. Saab's heritage with Scandinavian tradition is all about functionality and high-tech solutions that make your vehicle fun to drive. Saab vehicles use specific parts from their partnership with Orio AB and Fuzion Autoworks can get those parts for you!


Subaru Logo | Fuzion Autoworks

"Confidence in Motion"

Here At Fuzion Autoworks, we understand that your Subaru gives you the confidence you need to drive safely. We will treat your Subaru as if it was our own car and give it the personal care and maintenance needed to keep it performing at its prime level. Our ASE certified technicians can provide you with the knowledge and quality service that your Subaru deserves!


Volkswagen Logo | Fuzion Autoworks

"Drivers wanted"

Volkswagen is for the love of the auto (Das Auto!), and Fuzion Autoworks loves to provide reliable Volkswagen repairs. Keep the vehicle you love running smoothly by letting one of our Volkswagen specialists repair your car right. Our ASE Certified technicians have multiple years of Volkswagen repair experience and know what it takes to keep your lovely vehicle moving.


Volvo Logo | Fuzion Autoworks

"Volvo. For life."

Volvo was designed around you and is the premier car when it comes to safety. You bought your Volvo with your family's safety in mind and our Volvo specialists provide the auto repairs guaranteed to keep your Volvo performing at peak levels. Our ASE Certified technicians will follow rigorous steps to make sure your Volvo is repaired the right way.

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Fuzion Autoworks provides maintenance and repair services for domestic and imported vehicles, and commercial fleets in St. George, UT. Whether your vehicle needs basic maintenance, a thorough examination by an experienced mechanic, or something more complex, Fuzion Autoworks can meet your vehicle's needs. Call us now and learn more about the services we offer for your vehicle.

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