Must-Know Signs of an Alternator Problem

Must-Know Signs of an Alternator Problem

With a malfunctioning alternator, your battery is liable to run out of juice, leaving you unable to get moving on down the road. When you first notice a symptom of alternator failure, you'll want to get to the shop. At Fuzion Autoworks, our local mechanics specialize in European auto repair. We can identify your Euro car's alternator or auto electric issue and then expertly address it. Come and see us if you encounter any of the following indications of alternator trouble.

Warning Signs of Alternator Failure

One of the most familiar signs of alternator trouble is a dead battery. However, just because your battery's dead doesn't necessarily mean that a bad alternator is to blame. Of course, something like leaving your headlight on can cause your battery to die even if your alternator is healthy. But if your battery is less than three years old (its minimum lifespan) and has died for no obvious reason, then you could be dealing with a failing alternator.

Another common sign of alternator trouble is that a warning light illuminates that reads ALT, GEN, or comes on in the form of a little glowing battery. Whenever a dashboard warning light comes on, it's important to figure out what exactly is triggering it. If you delay, then the problem could soon worsen and cost more to fix.

Problems with electrical accessories could also indicate alternator trouble. In modern vehicles, there are regularly computers that can determine which electrical accessories should have their power reduced when there's an issue with the alternator. This way, more power is saved for the vehicle's most essential electrical needs. However, this could lead to issues with accessories like the radio and power seats.

A faulty alternator can also cause headlights to start dimming or flickering. This can create a significant safety risk, particularly if you need to drive at night on roads that aren't well-lit. An alternator problem can also pose a safety hazard if your car stalls out in traffic because your spark plugs aren't receiving enough power.

European Auto Repair in Washington, UT

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Posted: September 06, 2021

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