Important Road Trip Auto Maintenance Tasks

Important Road Trip Auto Maintenance Tasks

The nation is fully reopening and summer weather is calling us to the great outdoors, making it all the more tempting to hit the open road. But before you merge onto the interstate, you'll want to ensure that your vehicle is ready to handle the long drives in scorching heat. At Fuzion Autoworks, our local mechanics can complete any type of maintenance that your European vehicle needs before you head out.

Maintenance to Complete before Departure

Before hopping on the highway, it's important that your car has been prepared to keep you safe. On the open road, you never know when you might cross paths with a startled deer or distracted driver, making it very important that your brakes are working perfectly. During brake service, we'll inspect your whole brake system, replace pads if they're worn-out, and lubricate all relevant parts. If we find any serious problems with your brakes, we'll give you the details and then provide you with an accurate estimate for the repair costs. Another important safety task is to check your tire pressure. Typically, tire pressure should be at a point between 30 and 35 psi. You can check your tires to see their precise pressure specification. When you're driving with proper tire pressure, you'll be at much less risk of a blowout putting you in a harrowing situation. You can also easily boost safety by replacing old wiper blades. In the event that a summertime thunderstorm comes rumbling over the highway, you'll be thankful that your new wiper blades are providing better visibility during the downpour.

Prior to departure, you should also be mindful of maintenance that will help your car to beat the heat. When you visit our shop for AC service, we'll inspect the system to ensure that all parts can be trusted to work reliably during your trip. When the heat really gets cooking, a properly functioning AC system will be critical to keeping your family in a positive state of mind. Cooling system service is another way to enable your car to beat the heat. Coolant usually needs to be exchanged at intervals of 30,000, though you can check your owner's manual to see your car's exact guideline. With the right level of fresh coolant, your engine will be at substantially less risk of becoming damaged due to overheating, which is a particular concern when driving across vast expanses of sweltering highways.

European Auto Maintenance in Washington, UT

If you need auto maintenance before your road trip, contact Fuzion Autoworks at (435) 681-2161. At our local auto shop, we specialize in repair and maintenance for European vehicles. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: July 14, 2021

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