Common Signs of an Alternator Problem

Common Signs of an Alternator Problem

Common Signs of an Alternator ProblemYour car's alternator supplies the power to your battery. If your alternator is faulty, then your battery's power reserve could run empty and consequently leave you stranded. When you first notice a sign of alternator trouble, you'll want to take action to address it. Here's a look at seven symptoms of a failing alternator.

Dashboard Indicator Light

In many cases, the first indication of an alternator issue is an illuminated dash light that reads ALT or GEN. This light is also sometimes in the shape of a small battery.

Dead Battery

Car batteries should typically last for three years or so. If your battery dies much earlier, then a failing alternator could be the cause---unless you left your headlights on!

Belt Trouble

Your alternator trouble could be arising due to a belt that is too tight, too loose, or has started to crack.

Problems with Electrical Accessories

A faulty alternator could lead to issues with your car's electrical accessories like its power seats, power windows, power locks, and radio.

Dimming/Flickering Headlights

Your alternator juices up your headlights. If it malfunctions, then you may end up trying to navigate through darkened streets. This creates a serious safety concern, especially if you often have to drive on roads that don't have streetlights.

Stalling Out

As you drive to work and back each day, your alternator helps to keep your pistons pumping reliably. If your alternator goes out, your vehicle could stall out and leave you in need of assistance.

Burning Smell

While a variety of automotive problems can lead to a burning smell, one culprit to consider is a slipping alternator belt.

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Posted: September 14, 2020

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